When you want someone to care
                          as much as you do.....
 Rev. Judith L. Guasch, M.Div.
                          Wedding Officiant

Serving S. Central PA, MD DC
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2014 News:    The Wedding Wire Annual award has changed names from Bride's Choice to Couple's Choice, to reflect the diverse couples we serve. 
             For the fifth consecutive year, I have been honored to receive this award, placing me in the top 5% of wedding professionals in the US, and now making me the TOP award winning Officiant in the S. Central PA area.

- In April of 2013, I was both Officiant and mother of a bride.  Follow our journey from start to finish!  I also have some tips and helps in the blog.  Feel free to browse new and old topics.

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Forget Vegas!!  Elope in Gettysburg!!

     Do you want to Elope, but the 
  glitz and glam of Las Vegas just
  isn't your style? 

     Do you want your special day
   to just be the two of you and
   maybe a few close family
   members or friends?

      Why not Elope in or around   
  Gettysburg, PA? 

     For more, our new website

   Ceremony at the Historic Sach's Covered Bridge
                                       Gettysburg, PA

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