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Something Old...

Something Old, Something New,

Something Borrowed, Something Blue,

and a Lucky Sixpence in her shoe. 

                                                                                             (Mid 19th Century Wedding Rhyme)


            Everyone knows the rhyme “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.”   Up until very recently, the bride’s “old” item was a piece of family jewelry, her “new” was of course her wedding dress.  Because the bride often “borrowed” the old item, many times it was one item which doubled its duty.  And, of course, her blue was almost always her garter.


            Today's couples are tired of doing things the same way they have always been done, but they still want a connection to the tradition of Old, New, Borrowed and Blue.  So if this is what you want, you have to think outside the box, as it were.


            Recently I had one bride who was given her mother’s 1950’s mantle style bridal veil.  Instead of wearing it “as is,” she had some updated beading added to it to match her dress.  It looked beautiful and stunning, to say the least.  Another bride was given permission from her mother to completely have her mother’s gown re-designed.  The re-design wound up costing only a third of the purchase price of a new gown.



        One of my recent brides ~ pictured to left ~ decided to combine her new and blue item in one, ... her gown.  She found a lovely gown with a Tiffany Blue insert in the train.  It came around her bust in the front, then cascaded down her back and into the train.  The entire thing was lines with white sea beads to match her dress and glisten in the sun of the day! 


            And what about that “Blue”?  When I got married, I had very fine ribbons added to the back of my veil, which cascaded down the back.  They were barely noticeable from a distance, and didn’t compromise the shade of the veil, but they were my visible “Blue” item.  A friend of mine had dyeable shoes dyed to a beautiful shade of robin’s egg blue.  In fact, colored shoes are a big item overall right now!  I have had brides wear just about every color under the rainbow from three-tone metallic to bright fuscia. 

      Just look at Tessa's fuchsia shoes peeking out from beneath her dress!


I also had one bride who was part of a close-knit group of six friends.  They were all almost exactly the same size, and all in relationships.  They thought it would be fun to purchase one gown together, which each of them would wear, and claim as their “Borrowed” item.  As they get married, they are taking solo pictures of each girl in the gown for a collage picture frame.  Not only is it a great idea for the “Borrowed” item, but what a great money-saving idea!!


            You will have many “New” items on your wedding day, so that is rarely a problem.  But as for the rest of the rhyme, why not think outside the box and do something different from the traditional? Better yet, why not have both of you secure the items from the old wedding rhyme?