When you want someone to care
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 Rev. Judith L. Guasch, M.Div.
                          Wedding Officiant

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Specialized Officiants

Why use Specialized Wedding Officiant,
                               isn't a Religious Celebrant Cheaper?

              Yes, a Religious Celebrant may be cheaper, and if you belong to a religious institution, that may be a good decision for you.  But there are other factors you may want to consider.  Most Religious Celebrants (for example, church ministers or synagogue rabbis) have from a few dozen to several hundred other people to think about each week.   Even though Religious Celebrants draw a salary, you should still compensate them appropriately, even if they tell you they only want a donation.  Your donation or honorarium to them is a reflection of the value that you place on both their work and your ceremony.  Most Religious Celebrants have a standard ceremony, and at most you may get to choose from two or three sets of vows.  If you are having your ceremony and reception in one location, your Religious Celebrants may not be able to perform ceremonies outside their house of worship.   Many Religious Celebrants will not perform the ceremony if  both of you do not belong to their church or synagogue.  One of you may need to convert, which may require classes prior to conversion.  And finally, if you are currently living together, you will want to check with your Religious Celebrant  Some religions forbid you to live together prior to marriage, and require you to follow the rules of the religion in order for them to perform the ceremony.  Check with your Celebrant to see if this is the case.


             As a professional  Wedding Officiant,  I draw on my field experience as a church minister, a  nursing home chaplain and hospice chaplain and grief counselor.  I continue to do extensive research to expand my portfolio of planning material for couples, so that every aspect of the ceremony is perfect in every way.... from the opening words to the moment they are introduced!   Working in the wedding industry allows me to network with other industry professionals, allowing me to pull on their knowledge and experience as well.  If you have a question, I can help.  There isn't much I or my colleagues haven't seen or done.

        As a specialized  Wedding Officiant, my fees reflect the time I dedicate to the two of you as we create the perfect, individualized wedding ceremony together.   When we meet to do your ceremony planning, I also do some fun but informative pre-marriage work with you.  Some couples, however, want to embark upon more intensive pre-marriage work.  In that case,  I offer a multi-session course.  The choice is yours.

       And as a dedicated Wedding Officiant, if you need to talk on the phone in the middle of the day, I am usually available.  And, unlike some Wedding Officiants who tell you that with your package you get “four 15-minute phone consultations” I do not limit your access to me.   If you want several meetings prior to your ceremony to be sure all the details are exactly as you want them, I can arrange that.  

Ask yourselves these three questions: 

            1)  Do you feel your ceremony is the centerpiece of the day and the true beginning of 
                    your married lives? 

            2)  Do you want your ceremony to be personal and reflect the two of you, your

                    values and be a celebration of your relationship? 

            3)  Do you want an Officiant who will be your partner and friend throughout the 
                    planning of this most important step in your lives together? 

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you already know you want a specialized Wedding Officiant for your day. 
If you are willing to spend several hundred dollars on favors that people will take home and set on a shelf to collect dust (or worse leave them at the reception and not even take them at all), why not invest the same amount of time and effort into the most important part of the day.... the ceremony!