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 Rev. Judith L. Guasch, M.Div.
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  • "My husband and I were looking for an Officiant to marry us, so we attended the Ski Liberty Open House in April of 2009.  As we walked in, we went around to all of the vendors to receive information on what and whom we should choose to help us with our special day.  We came upon Rev. Judith Guasch's table and talked to her about her services.  She had everything we were looking for to offer to us.  She has so many materials with her to share with us, so we could open and expand our thoughts of just how we wanted our special day to be.  Whenever we needed to contact her with a question or concern via email or phone call, she was great about getting right back to us with prompt answers.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone.  We had a TERRIFIC experience!"                Jennifer & Anthony M.
  • "Rev. Guasch was very easy to work with.  Being stressed with all the details of planning a wedding, she made the planning of the ceremony fun, stress free and she gets both (of you) involved in the process.  Her method    of planning a ceremony allowed us to be as traditional and as creative/unique as we wanted.  our ceremony was a mixed faith ceremony, and the flexibility that Rev. Guasch provided, allowed us to beautifully combine both Jewish and Christian traditions as well as put in a few things that were unique to our personalities.  We had the traditional saying of the Jewish Blessings, drinking the wine, stepping on the glass and lighting a unity candle, but we also did a handfasting ceremony which our guests really seemed to enjoy!  We were able to choose from a variety of prayers/reading and vows that customized the wedding to fit us.  We had so many compliments on our ceremony, and several ideas taken from our ceremony by friends for their own weddings.  On a day that is so personal and important, Rev. Guasch truly helped us create the moment that we will remember for the rest of our lives...  It was perfect and we couldn't have done it without her!         Jeremy & Beth E.

  • "Now that the dust has settled, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you did for our daughter's wedding.  As you know, we had a problem with another minister and decided to find a new minister just a month before the wedding.  Thank Goodness we found you!  Megan and Doc's ceremony was uniquely individual and everything went off without a hitch.  We made a last minute change, and you were flexible and kind in your response.  The ceremony was beautiful and you honored every wish of the bride and groom. 

        Thank you also for the kindness you have shown to me (the mother of the bride) with your support and answering my emails.  Your support did not stop when the wedding was over and I truly appreciate it!                         Megan's Mom, Laurie A.                     

  • "Our deepest thanks to Rev. Judith for performing our wedding ceremony on Oct. 3, 2009!  I'm not sure what I would have done without her!  She's a pleasure to talk and plan with.  Very easy going and organized!  Her planning guide has a wealth of wonderful things in it and also a Lakeside Wedding Bride & Groomguideline to keep you from getting lost.  We were having a hard time finding an officiant that would make sense for us and our families who were different religions.  Rev. Judith made it so easy to mesh things together in a unique ceremony of our own in which neither family would even think to be offended in some way.  That word - unique - by the way was the most used word about the ceremony.  Our guests loved it!  It's a beautiful thing to still remember it fully to this day.  I even had a friend comment on Rev. Judith.  She asked where did I find her and expressed her wishes that she had been her officiant at her wedding!  All in all, Judith is fabulous!  As a person and an officiant!   Thank you for making our day that much more wonderful!"        Margaret & Chris O.

  • "Reverend Judith was the best choice I made for my wedding! From the first time my now-husband and I met her, she was gracious and totally excited to help us plan our perfect Nighttime Bride & Groomceremony. I had always wanted a handfasting ceremony along with a more traditional ceremony and Reverend Judith was more than happy to make that happen.
                The night of the rehearsal, there were some problems with the venue and she really helped keep me calm. She saw how stressed I was and went out of her way to help me. I can't express how much I appreciated it.
                The day of our wedding, the ceremony went beautifully. It was all Matt and I had dreamed of. I had many friends and family tell me how much they enjoyed it and how it was so unique and personal. 
                I can't recommend Reverend Judith Guasch enough! Even her husband is sweet and helpful!
    "      Deidre & Matt C.

  • "We knew from the moment we spoke to Judith on the telephone that this was no ordinary  Marriage Officiant.   We felt that our wedding day was as important to her as it was to us.  Her Wedding Planning booklet provided us with many choices to customize our wedding with beautiful word choices, meaningful and celebratory symbols and the flexibility to add our own personal touches resulting in a wedding ceremony that was so enjoyable and meaningful to both us and our guests.  Our guests are still talking about it!!  We planned our destination wedding long-distance with Judith, and she was always available by telephone or email.  Her engaging and delightful personality made our wedding preparations extra special....Judith's voice is musical and lyrical and a sheer delight to hear.  The ceremony went off without a hitch because of Judith's planning and leadership.  We will never forget the love and commitment Judith provided us and the personalized service she created for us."                                                        Denise and Glenn C.


  • "I got married to my husband on November 17, 2007.  ...Along with normal wedding planning, we were faced with the fact that I am from NC and my husband is from NY.  We had to find a place where all of our family and friends could get together and enjoy themselves but there was that fear that things would be uncomfortable and no one would have a grand time.  All we wanted for our family and friends was to know how dear they are to us and to enjoy themselves.  Especially since a lot of them would have to travel very far to be a part of our day.                                                                                                                                                                                  We have known Judith for a few years...we were instantly drawn to her kind, playful spirit ...   When we needed someone to marry us, we instantly thought of Judith.  We asked her if she would want to marry us (and travel to NC) and she said she would be honored.                                                                                                                                                                         She talked to us on the phone to make sure we were doing well. ... She asked us questions about how we came together, what our beliefs are and she gave us sound advice that rings in my
    head whenever times are hard.  Our spiritual beliefs are different from both of our families.  Judith made sure that our beliefs and our families beliefs were well represented, which meant so much to us.  We felt her shaping something more than just a special day, but a sacred event.                                                                                                                                                                              NC Bride and GroomThe ceremony was more than beautiful.  It was more than moving.  I still have a hard time describing it other than to say that the words she said spoke directly to everyone's hearts.  My husband and I truly felt the foundation of our new life forming through her vows.  There was this moment where Judith asked us to turn to our friends and family.  ... through Judith's words,  ... we began to feel the love of our friends and family radiating back to us.   Now that might sound cheesy or dramatic, but it is exactly what happened that day, and I will be forever grateful to her.  After the ceremony, everyone said how beautiful it was.  Because they had been so moved, they allowed themselves to dance a lot and really have a good time.  Still to this day, people who were at the wedding tell me what a tender and touching ceremony we had and how grateful they were to be there.  Judith showed us that she truly cared for our welfare by all she did for us.  She is a dear friend, and a caring soul.  I will be thankful to her always for creating that moment in time for us."                                    
    Catherine and Justus W.


  • "After meeting with several pastors and becoming increasingly more disappointed in what little control we had over our own wedding ceremony, finding and working with Judith was such a blessing.  While working with Judith, it was so freeing to know that we had complete control over our wedding, and yet we truly appreciated Judith's expertise when we needed it.  We had a ceremony that reflected us as a couple so well, and the majority of our guests commented that it was one of the most beautiful weddings they had ever attended.  Judith was so easy to work with, and she certainly helped make our day memorable and filled with happiness.  We truly thank her from the bottom of our hearts."  Katy & Aaron K.


  • "What can I say about Judith?     A lot!!!  She was amazing. My fiance & I were about to into a second marriage for each of us and not interested in a flashy wedding.  Instead our intentions centered on gathering our friends and family for a FUN, BEAUTIFUL, and HEARTFELT wedding celebration. In our minds, the ceremony was the heart of our weekend plans.  With so many loved ones assembled for a weekend in Hershey, PA, we knew that FUN was a given.  BEAUTY was easily found in local countryside and reception venue.  The HEARTFELT wedding ceremony came to life as a result of our work with Judith.                                                                          After a few emails, we had an enjoyable conversation with her using speaker phone.  She emailed a copy of her planning guide and over the next few months my fiance and I used both traditional and non-traditional content to create an amazing ceremony.  If we needed to personalize a section of ceremony we wrote the content and consulted Judith to fit it in perfectly. The key to Judith's success is that she takes the time to get a "feel" for the individuals she is joining in marriage.  She truly dedicates herself to the purpose.                                                                                                                                                                             Two weeks before the wedding we decided to arrange all the chairs in a circle, "in the round" so to speak.  Judith even had prayer to work the concept of "circle" into the ceremony.  I'm telling you, she is good!                Hershey PA Bride & Groom                                                                                      There's more,....the day of the ceremony things got a bit stressed and I didn't have a chance to meet her before the ceremony. Judith showed her true professionalism! Not only did she have all of the readings printed out and ready for each one of us, she was seamless in her performance...and so were we because she had everything under control.  I just let go of all worries after greeting her in the middle of the room.  You would have never ever known it was the first time we met face to face,...right there in                 Photo Courtesy Epic Photography              front of all our guests!   Our friends and family went on and on about our unique ceremony and  how right Judith's style felt for us.   She set a tone that was personal and intimate, which included a sense of traditional but welcomed moments of laughter and took time for tears.  Our hearts melted that day...into each others...and Judith blessed us with her participation."                         Annie C. 


  • "Judith was an absolute treasure to work with on what can be an extremely stressful day.  She is easy to talk with, willing to listen and make changes in the ceremony, and a great hugger!  If I were to get married again (God forbid) I would definitely ask Judith to perform the ceremony!                          Eileen N.
                        Wedding PA State Capital      
  • "Rev. Judith Guasch is more than just a Wedding Officiant.  She is a delightful spirit with a big heart and an open mind.  Rev. Judith helped us to customize our vows and ceremony to our exact loving.  Her Planning Guide is a wealth of unique choices right at your fingertips.  She wants to eliminate any stress of wedding planning, and she is a great resource for wedding advice/help.     Our wedding ceremony flowed perfectly and seamlessly.  The Celtic Handfasting got everyone's attention, it made the ceremony very memorable for everyone.  So in a nutshell, Rev. Judith rocks!  She can draw from your religious and ethnic backgrounds, the possibilities are endless!  Rev. Judith is very professional and very personable, so you get the best of both worlds.  I can do nothing but sing my praises!"         Nicole B.


  • "Thank You again for an amazing ceremony!  It was so much more than I could have imagined!  We have received numerous compliments on how personal and beautiful the ceremony was!  Dennis and I were both amazed at how well it all fit together!  I could have never done it without you!  You kept me calm, even on my most stressful days when I felt like a 'Bridezilla!'   Thank you again for making an unforgettable day more memorable than I ever imagined!"       Renee Y-G.

  • "Rev. Judith made our wedding ceremony a beautiffy unique experience!  Every person with whom we spoke was touched by the ceremony and thought it was wonderful.  We loved every moment of it and will never forget all the interesting and personal aspects of the ceremony -- the sand pouring with our families, knot ceremony, remembrance of sweet Jakey and so much more.  She made us feel comfortable and was such a pleasure to work with."    Halley & Pat D.


  • "Thanks to Rev. Judith, Charles and I had the most perfect ceremony.  With her help and the Planning Guide she sent us, we were able to customize and create a truly unique and beautiful ceremony.  Our family and friends were very impressed and quite delighted by her personality, but then again, so were we.  ... just speaking to her, I felt so at ease.  It was like talking to an old friend.  so, THANK YOU Rev. Judith for all your help and support leading up  to our special day.  And thank you especially for making our wedding day so magical, lovely and unique.  I'm so glad we found you."         Rachel and Charles G.


  • "I would recommend Rev. Guasch to Officiate any wedding -- large or small, formal or informal, religious or secular.  In our case, we wanted a wedding that was smaller and less formal than a traditional church wedding, but still conveyed the sense of reverence towards marriage that we felt.  Rev. Guasch worked with us every step of the way to create a ceremony that was uniquely ours.  We couldn't have been happier with her services."                  Jeff & Patricia M.

PA Gazebo Wedding

  • "Everything was just perfect, and exactly what we wanted.  We truly appreciate all the work she did.  She made planning our ceremony so easy, and we thank her for all her help."                                                   David & Melissa H.

  • "A big thank you for performing our ceremony.  Both of us and our family and friends were deeply touched by the ceremony, and especially by the handfasting (my mum's still talking about it yet, and I suspect will be for some time to come.)  We think that she is correct that if a couple really share in putting their ceremony together  it means so much more than merely 'showing up' on the day and having one that's been done so many times, the same ways before, and isn't personal to them.  ... It was truly wonderful, and something we will treasure."                                                                                Linda & Tony  from  Scotland, UK


  • "I wanted a ceremony that involved my (young) boys, but knew they couldn't handle anything big.  Judith found a creative way to make that happen.  My thanks to her always."       Jenn G.